Getting your NZ full driving licence

You should not fail your practicals for the full license. The following tips should get you that crucial card.

  1. Don’t pay a consultant/coach to take you around the test route, the money you pay $65-$70/hr is equal to the amount you can pay in case you fail the test; use the 1st test as a coaching session, as the Testing Officer will send you feedback on what to improve next and if you carefully follow them, you will pass.
  2. Avoid getting immediate fail error; actions that may cause danger to other road users, driving above the speed limits, if its a 30km/hr zone stay at that speed until the end, most Testing officer fail guys here more-so the temporary speed area, stay between 25-30km/h till you pass the ”work ends” signage. The other immediate fail error is not being able to carry out the instructions given, not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign among others, read more in the road code.
  3. Hazard identification, the hazard is anything that you may come into coalition with; pedestrian, cars to your left/right/front or back, practice saying them aloud and the action you are taking; for example, speeding car behind me breaking, or pedestrians to my left keeping an eye on them, car to my right maintaining my lane. The TO (testing officer) will ask you to name them in various sections of the testing route, maybe twice or thrice.
  4. Make sure you take several hours practicing on the test route, just drive all the streets as each TO has his/her own preferred route, take note of intersections that join into a one-way road, some have road signs other don’t, so as you drive, keep the 12second rule; look ahead.
  5. Practice shoulder checks before you change lane, and mirror check within 10seconds, yeah it sounds crazy but for the sake of the test be crazy.
    Practice keeping your car at the center of the road, at least 1.2m to each side, some TO may have an issue with you driving too close to the left or right.
  6. Never touch the yellow lane when turning.
  7. Never forget to indicate, sometimes the indicator misbehaves, force it back.
  8. If the testing route doesn’t have a roundabout anywhere, don’t think you won’t be tested on that. The TO can ask you to make a U-turn in a petrol station, or take you to those ”No exit” streets and instruct you to turn around to where you have come from.
  9. Gap selection is important, don’t stay long, gauge the speed of the on-coming car and the distance, they say 5second rule apply in gap selection.
  10. Last but not least, the test time you select is very crucial, avoid time when school buses are on the road, the time when employed guys are reporting to work (to avoid mistakes of colliding with cyclist) and if possible, avoid rainy days unless you know how to keep the 2 and 4 seconds rule.
    Finally, pray to your God to get a TO who is considerate.

Disclaimer: The above is the lesson I learned prior to my Full test and after, it doesn’t override any rule in the road code, so read and understand the road code first before making any person’s reference for more details visit the following link: 

Welcome to Eco Dawati!

The Environment Within Us

Have you ever seen something and a series of questions fill your mind?

Where have I been? How on earth did I miss this?

These were the questions in my mind a few days ago when a friend of mine shared this picture via famous whatsapp


It looks too interesting to just keep. Don’t you think so? Just incase you don’t know much, and still wondering as I did, Welcome to Eco Dawati, simply, desks made from plastic waste.

Oh My God, how do you think of this? Don’t we have geniuses in this country?

Well, with these questions, I had to get the genius around this idea. As curious, I quickly connected with Mr  Richard Machomba, founder Eco Dawati. His heart is pure as his ideas. He starts with a warm connection, giving me highlights to his idea, which he gladly says he started in 2013. For him, the…

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The Diary of A heartbroken Heart

My phone rings at 6.00am GMT +12 and after picking, my boss requests me to change my day’s routine and join one of my colleagues in Napier to go help him tag the young Tuataras ‘this is the precious animals in this country resembling our wall gecko in Kenya’. I hurriedly take a shower, pack my camera and pick my car keys and rush out. I start the engine of old car nicknamed Becky, after my late grandma, who else in this town drives a 1999 Ford Festiva! Being the onset of winter, both the front and rear windows have frost, I rush back into the house and collect warm water to fasten the defrosting process, and it works! I turn on the engine, and the Tenda Wema mix by Dj Lyta picks up from where it stopped last night.

Before I turn into state highway 1, a lady shows me a thumbs up sign ‘apparently it means a request for free ride’ being a social being brought up in the social community in Nyakongo, I pull over and pick her.

Her: Hi I’m Shan, thanks for picking my shivering body!!!

Me: Hi, I’m Dennis

Shan: A little giggle  Come again, you are who? (by now I’m in Highway 1, driving at 100kmh)

Me: Yeah, as you heard I’m Dennis

Shan: Sorry for sounding rude, but did you change your name as you came here or?

Me: (so she thinks I baptised myself after realising that I needed a white man’s name at age 29!!!)  Nop, when I was born, the midwife peeped in-between my legs and shouted ”he is a baby boy’ there and there my mother shouted “God has given me Davison Chweya” but as my tradition holds, I should have sneezed by the mention of that name…..

Shan: (She interrupts) but you have told me you are called Dennis!

Me: Yeah, I was saying before you rudely interrupted me…

Shan: I’m sorry mate

Me: It’s alright….so from my kindergarten to year 4, I was using my middle name and my Surname (I wish i stack to that Chweya Mokaya!!) my teacher asked me why I didn’t have a baptism name. I responded I wasn’t baptised (she giggles and gives a sarcastic smile) why are you smiling?

Shan: heheheh you are funny, why did the teacher call it baptism name?

Me: (a flash of anger hits me) your ancestors, yeah your ancestors in the name of missionaries, came to our countries and told us that we replace our traditional names for your ancestors’ first names, that they called baptism names. But a study of my Bible, I can locate some names we called our kids like Sierra, Serena, Wallace and such.

Shan: Okay change of topic (she avoids the history behind her ancestors) where about do you come from.

Me: Kenya!

Shan: So how far is Africa from Kenya? (I literally do a left shoulder check, to be sure she is serious) 

Me: (Acting silly) It’s like 5hrs by flight and 24hrs by road.

Shan: Do you know John who used to work in Ministry of Construction in Auckland

Me: (God why have you allowed this to happen to me this early) So where are you headed to (I try not to answer)

Shan: Why are you not answering if you know John?

The problem with some people is to watch too many movies about

Africa without varying the facts.

The other issues is relying on international news 

and online clips instead of going on safari in Africa for fact finding.

Me: So Shan, what do you know about Africa.

Shan: Africa is in a desert, with these malnourished kids (oops she thinks I came over while malnourished) and mature men &women walking naked in the villages.

Me: (by now we are headed into Levin after one hour drive, I increase the volume as sasa nangojea matoke “I’m now waiting for results” song starts to play) sasa nangoja matokeao kutoka kwako Jalali!!!

Shan: (She reduces the volume) Why aren’t you commenting on my description of Africa?

Me: (This lady needs at least 40hrs lecturing on the geography of our beautiful world, leave alone Africa) So if Africa is a desert, does it mean we don’t have roads, water, airports, vehicles, schools, and telephones leave alone things like social media?

Shan: Ok I’m sorry for irritating you

Me: Its alright my sister.

Shan: Can we please have some breakfast in that King burger (In Levin)

Me: As long as you pay for the two cups of coffee, cause I had no plans of having a cup of coffee (by now I was tired OF the lack of knowledge of this poor lady, so I was very causal in my talks)

I look for a parking space, and we move out.

Shan: I will have a cup of coffee and pineapple burger (she request me to buy it for her as she heads to the bathrooms)

Me: (at the ordering counter) 1 Pineapple burger, black coffee and a cup of Kenyan tea.

Lyn: (The lady at the counter) We don’t have Kenyan tea, but we have one from South Africa.

Me: What other tea brands do you have (I can’t promote South African tea, better I have one from India)

Lyn: We have one from India and the other one from Ethiopia.

Me: One cup from that Ethiopian brand (Shan, comes to the counter)

Shan: What is the problem, do you need a translator?

Lyn: No worries my dear, kindly have a seat for 10 minutes as we brew the tea and coffee.

At this moment, the Kisii and Luo influence in me tells me to check if the joint has some free internet and educate this lady on the beautiful part of Africa. After checking, I find one free wifi provide named ‘Zambezi Beer n Wines’ the problem, is that for me to access the services, I had to log onto my Facebook and share it to my TL, yet I Jesus is my saviour! I oblige in order to teach this lady the other side of Africa she doesn’t know.

Me: About your description of Africa, who taught you that?

Shan: My mother had this movie called “Hakuna Matata the lion king” such a lovely movies.

Me: Yeah it is one of the best teacher (I have never watched the movie), so you were not taught countries and continents in your school days?

Shan: hahahahaha what is that? A course or part of which subject?

Me: Part of lower primary curriculum!

Shan: Nop. In my lower primary, we were taught how to read, write, count, cook, draw and some basic computer skills. After that, the teacher identifies one’s strength and the rest is a career-defining path.

Me: So how do you know Africa exist and Europe?!

Shan: From revolution theory, kindly don’t ask for details.

Lyn calls my order ticket number, and I go to pick the breakfast.

Me: Enjoy your breakfast.

Shan: Thanks.

By now I have downloaded the following pictures of good things happening in my country.

Me: Shan, kindly swipe through the following photos as you seep your coffee, and guess where they were taken at.

 I hand over my Apple tablet to her.

Shan: Did you teach yourself to use apple as you arrived here or you took lessons some months before you came over?

Me: Kindly go through the photos first.

Shan: (a biiiig letter O starts to form on her lips as she swipes through the following!) okay move here a tell more about the photos, when did you travel to Europe?

Me: Hehehe this is not Europe, this is Kenya my home country. (I start giving a precise description of the following photos, as per the footnotes per photo below)

Garden city

Me: This is Garden City Mall, one of the many ultramodern malls we have in the country

thikard lax

Me: This is called Thika Highway

thika rd1

Me: ….this one too.

ku lib

Me: My undergraduate university library, one of the best in the world.


Me: This is one of the building you will see if you come for a safari in Kenya


Me: Part of our Railway lane

SGR kenya

Me: This one too.

SGR Nairobi

Nrb terminus

Me: If you happen to use the train in Kenya, be sure you will enjoy the modern facilities here.

(Noticing that time was not on our side, I stopped the photo show, and requested we go as I was delaying my colleague)

Shan: (As I move into the highway) So you did not see the first bus here! and you said you have the undergraduate degree, so you are learned!

Me: Mmmmm. By the way, where are you headed?

Shan: (Ignoring my question) Do you also speak African language? Pardon me for my ignorance.

Me: We don’t have a language called African language. I’m willing to accommodate you if you promise to arrange for safari to Kenya (by now I feel she is suffering from exposure dwarfness).

Shan: Deal, give me your email, I will contact you once I’m ready. Kindly drop me in the next exit.

Me: (Pulling aside) Kindly enjoy the rest of your day.

Shan: Thanks, at least you have given a reason not to commit suicide!!

Me: What are you talking my dear?!!

Shan: Yeah, I flew over here to see my boyfriend, and he mistreats me and we had to call the relationship off. So this morning I had the plan of ending my life at the end of this road drive.

Me: (Applying my guidance and counseling skills) Can you promise to communicate at the end of the day after I’m done with my job, you tell me more?

Shan: Nop, I’m taking a flight back to Queenstown Australia and will start working towards my Kenyan safari, and only after acquiring my air ticket is when I will contact you. Dennis, any lady you have in your life, kindly promise me you will never hurt them.

Me: Promise!!!

Shan: Awesome bro (she hugs me and alights)

I zoom off. I increase the volume as Benachi ft Kaberere’s song “Mwanake’ breaks the silence in my car.









A cry from Nyakweri Forest “Somebody heelp meee…..”

A true conservationist will not sleep once a friend challenges him to stand up for the environment. My friend sister and conservationist on my Facebook Time Line. She asked me to voice what is happening to Nyakweri Forest one of the forests with indigenous trees that is in danger of extinction through uncontrolled charcoal burning and poaching of the wildlife in this natural ecosystem. I did my study and found some brief extracts of this forest by Samuel Nadika as follows:

“The Nyekweri Forest is the largest remaining forest of Trans Mara covering approximately 300 sq km. This dense indigenous forest is of high ecological and socio-cultural importance to the traditional Maasai people and also an important feeding and breeding ground for large mammals such as elephants. The forest is dominated by huge trees of diasporus abbysinica, olea capensis, olea Africana, african greenheart, Manilkara Butugi, ficus thoningii etc.

Nyekweri forms part of the dispersal areas of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. It forms a habitat for various game species like Buffoloes, Elephants, Waterbucks, Impalas, Leopards,etc. More than 200 species of birds including Turacos, Trogons, Eagles, Wood-hoopoes, Hornbills,etc. can be spotted in the canopy of the forest’’.

I hope the following photos will talk to you to act and stop this rampant destruction if we are serious with the effort of increasing forest cover to 10%.


A pile of ”trees” awaiting to be used as raw material for charcoal


More trees cleared deep into the forest


Wide area of Nyakweri forest cleared and fire from traditional charcoal kilns


An poached elephant an example of how poaching is taking place in this forest (Photo source: Courtesy of Jack Tirkolo who was on ground with his camera)

A BIG Cc to @KeForestService @UKenyatta @kwskenya @KFWGOfficial @NEMAKenya @conncav @Cindymusangi @GOLDKENYA @TheStarKenya @ClimateWed and the list is looong kindly retweet/repost or share this to push our government to ACT NOW.

Is Tithing on your Net pay or Gross

This is my first post on anything religious. I don’t know if i will fit into these shoes but as usual i will give it my best. I grew in the village deep in Kisii County where the Sabbaths as per the book of Exodus 20:8 was taken seriously, and it still is. Some one has just asked ”SERIOUS” yeah serious!!!! The Sabbath starts Friday evening and ends when the sun has set on Saturday, during this time, not even reading an academic book can be read in an Adventist homestead. Oooooo i was talking about Tithing.

During the 90s yeah i grew in the 90s that’s how old I am hahahaha, we could harvest maize, count how many sacks we managed to harvest and take the tenth sack to local church elder Mzee Shem Ongaki. Where our local church had built Tithing traditional store. This continued up to the year 1999 when the culture of tithing our harvest ceased as most people cheated themselves of selling the harvests and paying the same in monetary value. But the way since then our harvests have been dropping drastically hehehe so we must go back to giving our first harvest to God.

From the above paragraph, it can be noted that tithe was given from the GROSS. The Bible in 2 Chronicles 31:5 ….they brought a great amount , a tithe of EVERYTHING!!! We should not only give a tenth of our gross earnings, but GIVING THE FIRST AND BEST as a sign of giving back to HIM.

The Bible says in Lev 27:30 A tithe of everything from the land, whether grain from the soil or fruit from the trees, belongs to God. Again the word everything appeared once again.

Some friends yeah friends oooo and some misers whom i happen to know personally think that giving tithe is some kind of colonization that was obeyed in the Old Testament. So let us look at Mathew 23:23 … hypocrites, you give a tenth of yours spices, mint, dill and cummin.But you have neglected …….law, justice, faithfulness. YOU SHOULD HAVE PRACTICED THE LATTER without neglecting THE FORMER. Jesus was talking about paying tithe in equal measure as being kind and faithful.

Finally, God gave us the opportunity to try him in Malachi 3:10 bring the whole tithe into the storehouse ……..that there may be food in my house. Test me in this says the Almighty Lord, and see if I will not THROW OPEN THE FLOODGATES of heaven and pour out so much blessings that you will not have ROOM ENOUGH FOR IT!!!

I hope i have opened your heart and stop hiding behind giving the poor as an excuse to give your tithe. Remember tithe is paid so as there is food in Lords house. Give tithe and give to the orphans and educate them too. The hand that gives receives more blessings.

I rest my case cheeeers

Kisumu County road destruction menace

Good thing that happened to Kenya is this new constitution but on the other hand it has encourage impunity and corruption. As an environmental expert and as per #EMCA 1999, any project must carry out Environmental Impact Assessment and come up with strategies to restore the environment (whether social or built) back to its initial status. With #Eli Niño expected this month, the heap of soil will soon the washed out to create disastrous spots in this beautiful estate of Kisumu.

Someone in Kisumu County environmental inspectorate is either very corrupt or sleeping in his job. Of late Milimani Estate has had tarmac road dip out in the name of fibre lane installation and due to initial poor planning, installation of sewer system. The problem is not the development but the developers! After completion of their work, they just heap the soil back leaving the roads with permanent pot holes that has seen several people get injured as motorbike riders and car drivers find themselves too late into the pot holes.

Can #NEMA Kisumu office stop any further road damage until the contractors repair all the previously damaged roads back to their initial status or we organize demos to send home the message!

#FastForClimate The Son of Kisii County’s day #MyLittleThing

Kisii County is located in former Nyanza Province bordering Homabay County, Nyamira County and Bomet County. With her first elected governor being James Ongwae, he has tried to carry out some notable development but as it is the a cross most counties or countries, leaders misinterpret development as they think infrastructuaral upgrading and building of health facilities and educational facilities is a plus in their developmental records. I can authoritatively say that Ongwae has done 0.001% environmental development, if any, since he got into his office.

According to, there is no proper solid waste disposal in the entire county. Climate change experts understand that solid waste is one of the sources of green house gases, namely methane and other traces. This waste dumping sites are close enough to some county rivers which end up being polluted. The waste problem is associated with the ever growing Kisii population and welcoming heart of the county residents that has seen the inflow of investors, retailers and wholesalers. The situation in Kisii town calls for urgent solution to ensure the human jam is not left unattended, as proper planning should be put in place.

According to Mageka, 2011 (, waste management situation in Kisii County is giving the beautiful county a problem that will take proper planning, budget allocation and engaging environmental experts to solve the problem. She adds that wastes lead to diseases, poverty and social conflicts.

I am sorry for giving you other people’s insights and findings, now i can give my eagle’s eye evaluation of what is affecting my county. First, this county has for a long time being led by greedy leaders who get into office for their own selfish gain. The current County Environmental Secretary, said that official duping sites were sold to investors, who have put up rental structures, is this not impunity!!!!

The next problem includes county officials employing unqualified personnel to do jobs that should be carried out by qualified environmental experts. I personally know graduates offering county services as volunteers in environmental offices, national government offices and agencies while secondary failures are their bosses. This way, decisions made are mediocre and childish. Yeah childish as one thinks that environmental conservation is planting trees and arresting any one seen stepping on county grass. Childish as the trees planted are never taken good care of to maturity, and the arrest made is one way of enriching the county police through corrupt means, all county police accept 50ksh to release you.

I am fasting to create awareness this day, to pass my climate change expertise to the kids of Coventry Children’s home and to train the local youths on how to stop harvesting trees for charcoal burning to adopting of biomass briquette technology from the agricultural wastes and readily available municipal wastes. This is in line with my Masters of Climate Change and Sustainability thesis study in Narok County. This aims at ensuring that we protect the forest covers and avert the impacts of climate variability. Join me as i do #MyLittleThing even as we mark 4 years since our environmental queen #Wangariaathai this week.

homeLand sub-division in Mwamonari Location, Kisii County Source: Google Map 21/09/2015 2122hrs

Lastly, from the above screenshot, we must cease this culture of land subdivision or inheritance if we have to stop over utilizing our land.

I rest my case have a wonderful week. My #FastForClimate date will be 23/09/2015.

Impact of 2° C above pre-industrial level, on the globe; simplified understanding of #ClimateChange #Climate

The scientists, industrialist and global leaders are having regular talks, workshops, youth meetings #CBA, and COPs that come and go. All in the name of making sure the world ensures temperatures stay below 2°C. What worries me is the fact that G7 are phasing out outdated technologies but at the same time transfers  same technologies to 3rd world nations in form of donations, exports and charity movements. For example, in the late 90s, developed nations took advantage of African countries and quickly donated old model desktops and CRT monitor, since they had realized the impact it was to have on their environment and they did the tragedy of the commons. As a write, most offices and schools that got these computers, have been piled in some rooms and corridors.

The above story is true when it comes to signing agreements that will see G7 nations lead the world in reducing emission of GHGs and ignoring open signs of climate change. Recently, we have experienced hottest months ever (NASA, 2015) stating that this year we recorded Jan to April as one of the hottest months ever recorded. Scientist also record that the Arctic ice is melting rapidly (Arctic Sea Ice and News, 2015) the same is captured in the blurred; sorry for that, image below. Source, 16th June, 2015

Y axis representing extent million/sq Km and X axis showing date. – – – – rate in 2010 extent and complete line showing the current situation.

On the other hand, 2°C will have impact on the Antarctic too, which puts penguins at the risk of extinction. According to WWF and, 2015, states that once the 2°C is hit, 50% of emperor colonies and 75% of adelie colonies penguins will disappear from the face of the earth. The 2°C will make it hard for nesting of penguins as the ice thickness will reduce and open water taking most of the areas. 

Back to Africa or to the tropical areas that depend on agriculture, cases of prolonged drought, floods, cases of diseases, increased pest and diseases, and the crops will shift from C3 plants to C4 plants, meaning that the Arid and Semi Arid areas will feed the large population as the other land will be unproductive. This implies that, food insecurity and cases of malnutrition will be on the high.

2015 temp

Global average temp anomaly 1850-2014.

Finally, it is time for us to soberly reflect on the above anomaly as we approach the #Paris2015 #COP21 talks. It is that time we come up with practical agreements like; adoption of alternative energy, organization adapting paperless systems, environmental education and climate change pictorial lessons for our future generations and last but not least, SIMPLIFYING REDD+ for that uneducated village-man to understand what it means to change their attitude and conserve the environment.

Eco-Friendly Cities to fight #ClimateChange

The ever-increasing population growth has had a negative impact on the environment. Over the last decade, we have seen “concrete cities” mushrooming. Cities that have beautiful concrete decorating the landscape. What we do not realize is that nothing will beat the natural landscape in beautifying our cities.

An Eco-friendly city is a sustainable city. This city incorporates green design that is close to nature, houses with solar installation, buildings that allow natural light into the building thus, reducing dependency on electricity, rooftops have community gardens or ornamental trees, more than 70% of energy consumed in the city is alternative energy; solar, wind and other sources like briquettes.

Eco-friendly cities makes sure that road construction leaves three lanes of green corridors, sides and middle lane that has natural plants. These plants help create a micro-climate within the city. Over a million motor vehicle use the city roads in a day, this leaves behind green house gases, heat waves and noise that may be impacting the environment negatively. These plants help purify the air of any pollutant and create natural environment that cools the city climate.

Examples of the world Eco-friendly cities include: Dockside Victoria City of Canada, Amanora Hills India,Masdar City Abu Dhabi, and Tianjin City in China. These cities, beside having green corridors, they also promote zero waste and zero carbon. The country to watch in the past years is Rwanda that has adopted the zero waste policy. This way, people attitude towards waste management is changed and the ecosystem is protected.

It may be challenging to adopt green cities idea, but governments should start making steps that show the commitment to achieve the same. For example, cities in France has utopia city from metropolis busy. This slowly brings out the green design in the city. What countries should do, is starting projects from one street to another, growing ornamental shrubs on the already established buildings, installing solar panels on the rooftops and creating space for green corridors.

Have a green design day!!!

Benefits of wetlands and control of floods is among them!!!!! #StopWetlandGrabbing

Population growth has led to our good land developers to grab few wetlands that are within the town/ city. This means that we will never witness the following benefits of wetlands;

1. Water purification-Wetlands protect water quality by trapping sediments and retaining excess nutrients and other pollutants such as heavy metals.

2. Flood protection-By holding excess flash flood water after a storm. They hold water and slow the velocity, thus allowing storm water to infiltrate does reduce chances of flooding.

3. Underground water recharge-They retain water and so provide time for infiltration to occur. Groundwater, in turn, provides water for drinking, irrigation, and maintenance of stream-flow and lake and reservoir levels.

4. Fish and wildlife habitat

5. Environmental values- carbon sinks, rich ecosystems and home to various water plants and microorganisms.